Who Should I Choose To Replace My Boiler???

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Who should I choose to replace my boiler???

I just wanted to make this quick article because we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right company to install your new boiler, as well as which boiler’s going to be the right one for you in your home.

So how do you choose the right company?

With any big purchase, like a boiler you want to make sure with the company you choose is going to be reliable and at the end of the phone, if anything goes wrong. Most businesses will have review platforms like Checkatrade and Checked and Vetted where customers can leave feedback. This is a great way to have a look at the business and see how many reviews they have and what their customers have to say. I would always recommend looking at how many reviews they have as well as the overall score. Some businesses with fewer reviews look very good initially, but it’s really hard to maintain a high score over a long period of time.

When choosing the right company I’d also take the size of the business into account. Sole traders will most likely be the cheapest on price, but they’re also the most unreliable and the hardest to get hold of in an emergency. Then you’ve got the larger national companies who generally have call centres. The problem with these companies are you spend a long time on hold, you never speak to the same person twice and they send a local contractor to do the job anyway. Usually mid-size local to regional companies with permanent office staff can provide you with the best value, quality and after sales service when compared to sole traders and national companies.

The next thing is how you pick a boiler. There’s three main things to consider when choosing your new boiler, price, warranty, and efficiency.

If you are looking for the cheapest boiler possible, we can install boilers from £1400 to £1500 pound depending on the controls and filter that are required. We would recommend staying away from boilers that are too cheap because the lower they are lower cost to buy the parts can come extremely expensive and hard to source. A good entry level boiler is an Ideal Exclusive or a Main Compact. Both boilers come with a five year warranty at a reasonable price. If it’s a longer warranty that you’re interested in, we can go from five years on the entry level boilers up to 10 years on the Ideal Logic Max and the Worcester 8,000, 12 years on the Ideal Vogue Max and all the way up to 14 years on the ATAG range. The price generally goes up with each increase in warranty, but we’re always looking for the best deals available for our customers.

The efficiency of the boiler is also worth looking at now the price of gas is so high. The ATAG Economiser is a built-in flue heat recovery unit, which makes it 7% more effective than other high efficient boilers in hot water mode. Although it might cost a little bit more on initial install, the increased efficiency can mean the extra cost is swallowed up within the first year or two.

We also have finance options available to our customers, which help spread the cost of the new boiler, making each option more affordable than ever.

I hope this video has been helpful, and if you would like any other advice or a no obligation quote, please call 0191 548 7171. We cover Washington, Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham and the surrounding areas.

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