What To Expect During Your Boiler Installation!

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What To Expect During Your Boiler Installation!

We understand that for some people, any work being done on their home can be a daunting experience. The following information outlines everything that we need to do to complete your boiler installation in a clean and efficient manner.

Once you have agreed to and accepted the quote, you will receive a confirmation email that confirms the installation dates and the estimated time of arrival. The day before the boiler installation, you will receive an appointment reminder text message. On the installation day, the attending engineer will send another text message with the estimated time of arrival. This text will also contain tracking information so that you can monitor the progress as the engineer makes their way to your home.

Once on site, our engineers are extremely mindful of being respectful to your home. We always wear shoe covers when walking over carpets and lay down carpet protectors and dust sheets in areas that require protection.

During the work, the gas and water supply to the property will need to be isolated, so it is advisable to fill a kettle and a jug of water in case water is needed during this time. All toilets will have one flush left in them, or a bucket of water can be filled to provide an alternative means of flushing. We will always do our best to restore the water supply as soon as possible.

Next, we need to drain the system, so access to all radiators is required to open air vents.

For combi to combi installations, we can start by disconnecting the old boiler’s pipework, flue, and electrics. If the new boiler is staying in the same place, it will be hung on the wall, the new flue will be installed, and the pipework will be adjusted to suit the new boiler. If radiator valves are required, they will be replaced at this stage, ensuring the floor is protected from sludge.

For system boilers, the old boiler, tanks, and cylinder will be removed, and the new boiler will be installed in the location specified during your quote. If this is a new location, a new flue hole will be drilled through the wall, and floors may need to be lifted to accommodate pipe runs. Any old redundant pipework will be capped and removed. If radiator valves are required, they will be replaced, ensuring the floor is protected from sludge.

In the case of new systems, your old heating source (if there was one) will be removed, and all radiators will be installed in the locations discussed during the quote. On the day of installation, the engineer will double-check the locations and exact positions. The boiler flue hole will be drilled, and the boiler will be installed in the correct position. Floors will then be lifted to install the necessary pipework runs.

All floorboards will be securely fixed back down, and carpets will be repositioned and tucked in around the edges.

The condensate pipework will be installed to terminate at the best location to minimize the risk of freezing, as discussed during the quote.

Next, the electrical connections will be made to the boiler, and any controls, such as room stats or smart thermostats, will be installed.

The system is now ready to be thoroughly flushed. If you have opted for a power flush, the equipment will be set up outside the property if possible. The engineer will then clean out each radiator thoroughly, working on them one at a time. For chemical flushing, the chemical will be introduced to the system and then given a hot and cold water flush to remove as much sludge as possible. Once flushing is complete, an inhibitor will be added to the system to protect it from corrosion going forward.

If brickwork is required to cover old flue holes, we will always do our best to match the bricks to the current ones on your house. The holes will be filled, and new pipework will be sealed to the wall.

Carpet protectors and dust sheets will be lifted, and the working areas will be cleaned and vacuumed. Our aim is to leave your home in exactly the same way it was when we arrived.

A full explanation of your new boiler and controls will then be provided to ensure you understand exactly how to operate them efficiently. All documentation will be filled in, and the boiler will be registered with Gas Safe and the manufacturer to activate the warranty.

Final inspections of the site will be undertaken to ensure your satisfaction with everything, and any further questions will be answered.

Once the job is complete, you will also be contacted to ensure that you are fully satisfied with all the work that has been done.

At Greenhome Heating, we strive to provide an enjoyable customer experience with every job, while producing a excellent quality work. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and hope our customer reviews demonstrate this.

If you have any other questions or queries regarding the boiler installation process please reach out and we will be happy to answer and questions you may have.

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