Tis the season to be savvy

Sure, it’s the middle of summer. If we’re lucky we’re enjoying seemingly endless days of glorious sunshine and you’ve not touched that thermostat in weeks. The last thing on your mind is having your boiler serviced or replaced. But blink and the leaves will be falling and to use a popular phrase… Winter is coming!

Winter is not the ideal time to be without a boiler for 3 days! It makes sense that when you aren’t relying on it is the perfect time to have work carried out on your boiler. Wait until the temperature drops and all of a sudden find you have a boiler problem, you’re without your central heating or hot water when you really need it.

There are other benefits of maintaining or replacing your boiler in summer

Heating engineers are unsurprisingly much busier during the winter months meaning you’re much more likely to get a convenient appointment during summer. It’s unlikely you’ll have a boiler emergency during warmer weather too so without the rush you’ve time to pick out the perfect boiler for you and your needs.

Having your boiler serviced in the summer means there’s much less chance of it letting you down during winter.

Having an old boiler replaced before winter means you can start saving money on your energy bills from the first day you turn on your heating. Newer, more modern boilers are far more efficient and could save you hundreds a year on your bills.

Long term benefits of replacing a boiler

As well as the advantages of simply having your boiler replaced in summer, modern boilers come with a range of long term benefits;

  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Quieter
  • Add value to your home

So, been a while since your boiler was serviced? Is it getting old? Has it caused you problems in the past? Then now is the time to make sure your system is ready for when you really need it.