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Solar installations in 6 easy steps

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Fill in our contact form to arrange a convenient date and time for us to call you back.

In the mean time we will use our software to search for your home and calculate how many solar panels will fit on your roof.

During our call we will be able to learn more about your annual usage, what you hope to gain from the system.

We can provide you with an estimated installation cost based on your property information.

The next step is to carry out a on site inspection of your property.

We will check the proposed location of the inverter and batteries and all of the necessary work can then be explained, and a detailed quote issued.

Once you have accepted the quote a fitting date will be arranged and all the materials will be ordered.

We will also submit any applications to the electrical supplier that are needed.

The installation will then be carried out by our highly trained team and its operation will be fully explained.

All of the necessary paperwork will be complete, and you will be left with our handover pack which includes all manufacturer’s instructions, certificates and warranty information.