Stay safe and covered
with annual servicing
From £79

Stay safe and covered
with annual servicing
From £79

What does your boiler service include?

An annual boiler service is extremely important to make sure your boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Our highly trained engineers are on hand to ensure your boiler is maintained to a high standard to prevent breakdowns and keep your home warm.

Boiler servicing includes a number of key checks and tests that must be carried out by suitably qualified gas safe engineers.

 Our servicing includes:

The first thing we do is a gas tightness test. This is a very important test used to prove there is no escape of gas present in the property.

We will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance to make sure the appliance has been installed to the correct standards and there are no obvious signs of corrosion or leaks.

The next step is to remove the casings of the appliance and clean and inspect any serviceable parts of the appliance to ensure it is operating correctly.

Our engineer will then use specially calibrated equipment to ensure the boiler is operating correctly and burning efficiently.

Boiler pressures will also be checked and topped up when necessary.

The operation of the boiler will be checked to ensure everything is working correctly without any issues.


Why does your boiler need regularly servicing

It’s vitally important to service your gas boiler to ensure it’s working efficiently which can save you money, reduce the risk of unexpected repairs, and ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely, minimising the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

There a number of key reasons to have your boiler serviced by a qualified gas safe engineer. These include:

The most important reason is to keep you and your family safe. Only qualified engineers will have access to the knowledge and equipment needed to test your boiler is operating correctly. Without the correct testing equipment harmful gasses could be released into your home.

If your boiler is still under warranty it is a requirement of the warranty that the boiler receives a yearly service. We can help ensure your warranty remains valid.

An Inefficient Boiler that isn’t working to optimum standards can waste energy and use more fuel. A regular service will ensure the boiler is running clean and efficiently to maximise efficiency and keep bills lower.

  • Boiler servicing can help spot potential problems, that left untreated could turn into much bigger and expensive issues. By finding and resolving problems during a annual service you could add years of life to your boiler.


We will service your boiler every 12 months.

Our servicing care plans are great value as they not only help you split the cost of your annual boiler service but they also include new boiler seals that can cost up to £50. Boiler service plans also help maintain your manufacturers warranty by ensuring you never miss a service.

The agreement lasts 12 months, after which the plan will renew or you can cancel if you wish.

Yes it does. We’ll provide a direct number to a qualified technical engineer who can advise you on all aspects of plumbing and heating, including: boiler pressure, heating controller and bleeding your radiator.

To sign up to a care plan we first need to service your boiler to check its condition and make sure it is operating correctly. From there you have the option to choose any of our care plans to suit your needs. You can sign up online or by phone. you can then relax knowing that you are covered and we will contact you as soon as your annual service is due.

Care plans to keep you covered

Boiler Service Plan (compulsory) - £7

Boiler Service Plan (compulsory)

Boiler and Programmer Care Plan - £7

Boiler + Programmer Care Plan

Pipework Care Plan - £7

Pipework Care Plan

Airing Cupboard Care Plan - £7

Airing Cupboard Care Plan

Gas Fire Service Plan - £5

Gas Fire Service Plan