Power (flush) to the People

If you’ve got a problem with your central heating, chances are it’s being caused by a blockage.

In fact blockages are responsible for over 80% of heating system issues.
Over time, residue from things like rust (iron oxide) and limescale build up inside your radiators meaning they can’t heat up properly. Not only can this leave you feeling the cold but also feeling the pinch as this poor efficiency increases running costs.If your radiators have cold spots, the waters dirty when they’re bled or you have noisy pipework, you may need a power flush!

What’s a Power Flush?

A Power Flush is a fast and effective way to deal with the toughest blockages and is the process of pumping fresh water at high velocity through your entire system. This, combined with special cleaning chemicals and award winning magnetic technology removes debris from the central heating system. This process can be done in a day, and could save hundreds of pounds in bills and repairs.

At Greenhome Heating we combine our power flushing machine with another flushing method to gain the best results possible. This is a Magna Cleanse.

About Magna Cleanse®

Magna Cleanse® is a double Queen’s Award winner for innovation. These awards celebrate the excellence achieved in designing a range of high performing materials and are the UK’s highest accolade for business.
Developed by ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, the award winning technology removes virtually all iron oxide in a single pass meaning a full system flush can take as little as two hours.
Power flushing carried out by Greenhome Heating can save money on your central heating bills, reduce maintenance call-outs, reduce carbon emissions and extend the operational life of your boiler.

Check out more information here: https://greenhomeheating.co.uk/water-treatment/