Why it’s vital to use a Gas Safe registered engineer

Every year, work is carried out on gas appliances by illegal fitters without the proper qualifications, leaving families at risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions.  

If someone is carrying out work on your gas appliances, including the installation, service or repair of cookers, boilers and fires then they must be on the Gas Safe Register by law.  It’s what ensures that your appliances are kept perfectly safe. You should never assume your engineer is on the register, employing someone unqualified could have deadly consequences. 

What is the Gas Safe Register?

Launched in April 2009 under agreement with HSE following a review of domestic gas safety the Gas Safe Register replaced its predecessor CORGI.  It’s now the UK’s official list of businesses and engineers who are qualified and can legally work on gas appliances.  

The Gas Safe Register benefits consumers and engineers by raising awareness of the importance of gas safety and employing a registered engineer.  

If your gas engineer isn’t Gas Safe then the quality and safety of their work can’t be guaranteed and is potentially putting themselves and their family at risk.  

Check your engineer is on the list

It’s easy to check whether your engineer is on the Gas Safe Register.  Visit the website https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ and look for their company.

Engineers registered Gas Safe will be also carrying identity cards, if someone is coming out to look at any of your gas appliances, make sure you ask to see their “Gas Safe Card” before allowing them to carry out any work.  Look for;

  • A photograph of your engineer
  • A Registration number
  • An expiry date
  • The categories of work the engineer is registered to provide (e.g A Gas Safe engineer that can install a gas fire may not be qualified to install a boiler)

Remember, it’s also very important to regularly service all gas appliances to ensure they stay safe and work properly and always keep carbon monoxide detectors nearby. 

Greenhome Heating & Gas Safe

Here at Greenhome Heating we make sure all of our engineers are always fully qualified and registered Gas Safe to work on your appliances and would be happy to answer any Gas Safe questions you may have.