Rest easy,
we’ve got you covered
with our care plans

Rest easy,
we’ve got you covered
with our care plans

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Our Care Plans

Boiler Service Plan (compulsory) - £7

Our boiler service care plan spreads the cost of your annual service over 12 months, so you can rest assured that your boiler is in great shape without the worry of a costly one-off payment.

Boiler and Programmer Care Plan - £7

Designed specifically for older boilers and programmers that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, this plan gives you the reassurance that we’ll come out and fix your boiler or programmer should they ever break down.

If it’s beyond repair or we can’t source the parts required, we’ll quote for replacing it with a similar or better model with free installation.

Pipework Care Plan - £7

Our pipework plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s pipework, radiators and above ground drainage. If there’s a burst pipe or a gas leak, we’ll be there within 24 hours to take care of it.

Airing Cupboard Care Plan - £7

Ideal for regular or system boiler central heating systems, our airing cupboard plan protects the extra components (usually found in your airing cupboard) that you don’t need with a combi system.

Gas Fire Service Plan - £5

Like any gas appliance, your fires need regular servicing to make sure they are working safely and effectively.

How to build your Care Plan package

Start with your boiler service plan (compulsory) and add the level that suits you.

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Why get covered?

Keep your system, save on service

We offer affordable monthly care plans to take the worry out of unexpected repairs and we’re always on standby to help with any emergencies.

Save on costs

Keep your warranty valid

Fast response time

Total peace of mind