Care Plan


A monthly care plan tailored to you.

Care Plan (COMBO 5)

includes the following:

Boiler Service Plan (compulsory) - £7

Our boiler service care plan spreads the cost of your annual service over 12 months, so you can rest assured that your boiler is in great shape without the worry of a costly one-off payment.

Boiler Service Plan (compulsory)
£7per month

  • flue gas analysis

  • expansion vessel pressure check

  • electrical connection check

  • fan pressure check

  • ignition probe test

  • main heat exchanger clean and new seals fitted if required

  • gas pressure test

  • condensate trap clean

  • system pH test

  • filter clean

  • central heating system check (if requested)

  • infrared radiator check (if requested)


  • repairs or maintenance work

  • removing sludge or hard water scale

  • Please Note: The exact tests to be carried out will depend on the make and model of your boiler.
Boiler and Programmer Care Plan - £7

Designed specifically for older boilers and programmers that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, this plan gives you the reassurance that we’ll come out and fix your boiler or programmer should they ever break down.

If it’s beyond repair or we can’t source the parts required, we’ll quote for replacing it with a similar or better model with free installation.

Boiler and Programmer Care Plan
£7per month

  • repairing your boiler and/ or programmer (if they’re repairable)

  • replacing and fitting broken parts

  • installing a replacement boiler and/or programmer (where existing systems are beyond repair)

  • repairing or replacing room or frost thermostats


  • repairing damage caused by sludge, scale and other debris

  • the cost of a new boiler or programmer

  • Please Note: The plan can cover domestic condensing gas boilers up to 70Kw but no back boilers or boilers with a square flue.
Pipework Care Plan - £7

Our pipework plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s pipework, radiators and above ground drainage. If there’s a burst pipe or a gas leak, we’ll be there within 24 hours to take care of it.

Pipework Care Plan
£7per month

  • Repairing, replacing or unblocking:

  • radiators

  • radiator valves

  • central heating pipework

  • grey and foul water waste pipes

  • soil and vent pipes

  • above ground drainage

  • stopcocks

  • overflow pipes

  • washing machine, dishwasher, and washer-dryer pipes

  • gas pipework in your home

  • mains water supply pipe

  • hot and cold water pipes


  • warm air and underfloor central heating systems

  • taps, showers, baths, sinks and toilets

  • pumps, macerators and waste disposals

  • guttering and rainwater pipes

  • below ground drains and drainage systems (e.g. septic tanks)

  • regular drain cleaning or descaling

  • frozen pipes that aren’t damaged

  • gas appliances
Airing Cupboard Care Plan - £7

Ideal for regular or system boiler central heating systems, our airing cupboard plan protects the extra components (usually found in your airing cupboard) that you don’t need with a combi system.

Airing Cupboard Care Plan
£7per month

  • cold water tank and heating tank ball valves and service valves

  • hot water cylinder, immersion heater, time switch and cylinder thermostat

  • central heating circulating pump and hot water circulating pump

  • zone valves and auto bypass valves

  • wiring centre

  • expansion vessel


  • pipework

  • programmers and thermostats

  • shower pumps
Gas Fire Service Plan - £5

Like any gas appliance, your fires need regular servicing to make sure they are working safely and effectively.

Gas Fire Service Plan
£5per month

  • servicing your covered gas fire once per year


  • repairs, spare parts and replacement gas fires

  • Please Note: The £5 monthly cost of this care plan is per fire. To cover more than one fire, simply multiply the £5 cost by the number of fires you wish to cover.



1 x Boiler Service Care Plan – £7

1 x Boiler + Programmer Care Plan – £7

1 x Pipework Care Plan – £7

1 x Airing Cupboard Care Plan – £7

1 x Gas Fire Service Plan – £5


Total Monthly Cost

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